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2017-06-14 George Weston Limited and Loblaw Companies Limited announce related executive transitions
Effective January 1, 2018 , Richard Dufresne will be appointed President, George Weston Limited (TSX:WN), retaining his current CFO responsibilities, and continuing to report to Galen G. Weston , Chairman and CEO, George Weston Limited and Loblaw Companies Limited (TSX:L, "Loblaw"). Over the next few months, he will transition out of his parallel role as CFO of Loblaw Companies Limited . As part of this transition, Darren Myers will join Loblaw on September 1 as Executive Vice President, Finance, reporting to Richard Dufresne , and on January 1, 2018 , he will be appointed Chief Financial Officer, Loblaw Companies Limited , reporting to Galen G. Weston . "Richard has made an enormous contribution in his time as CFO of both Loblaw and George Weston, including his role in the creation of Choice Properties REIT, the acquisition of Shoppers Drug Mart, and the subsequent realization of synergies," said Weston. "He has been a thoughtful and decisive contributor to the management board and I...
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2017-06-13 Regarding Elite Farm Services Animal Abuse Allegations
These activities are completely unacceptable and we are investigating. We have zero tolerance for any animal abuse and have made it very clear to the supplier that this behaviour has absolutely no place in our food supply chain. The supplier agrees and has already asked their service provider, whose employees are seen in the video, to dismiss the offending individuals. 

We stand firmly behind the standards set by the National Farm Animal Care Council, the policies outlined by the Chicken Farmers of Canada, and our own commitment to animal welfare which is clearly articulated in our Supplier Code of Conduct, and in our Animal Welfare principles.

We continue to work with industry partners and animal welfare experts to ensure standards and codes of practice are upheld so our customers can remain confident in the food they buy....
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2017-06-13 President's Choice® creates Eat Together Day, inspiring Canadians to connect through food
Inspiring Canadians to connect by sharing a meal, President's Choice® (PC®) is declaring June 29 th Eat Together Day, supported by a series of challenges and events across the country. PC®'s mission to get Canadians back together at the table began earlier this year with the release of its Eat Together film , celebrating the social power of food to bring people together. "The response to the #EatTogether initiative has been remarkable and Canadians are talking about the benefits of gathering at the table," said Galen G. Weston, Chairman and CEO, Loblaw Companies Limited. "On June 29th, Eat Together Day, we challenge Canadians to imagine the impact we could have if, just a little more often, we took the time to eat together." Canadians agree* that when families eat together children grow up happier and healthier (93%) and teens build stronger relationships with their parents (94%).  When people eat together, they see each other as equals (78%) and connect with one another (94%)....
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2017-05-08 Smart Canadian shoppers choose to get the frill out of their grocery bill
(TSX:L) – Fancy displays, in-store entertainment, product demonstrations and other extras or frills, as No Frills® store owners call them, can drive up grocery bills for Canadians. Championing the savvy shopper, the new No Frills® marketing campaign demonstrates its commitment to providing customers with a selection of quality, healthy, nutritious food at low prices. "It's time for Canadians to stand up and declare their pride for wanting to get the most out of their grocery budget, " says Michael Rinaldi, senior vice president, discount grocery, Loblaw Companies Limited. "Why pay for frills when you don't have to. When shopping at a No Frills® store, Canadians get the same quality fresh produce as offered by other grocery stores, but at a lower price. A fancy display doesn't change that, at the end of the day a banana is a banana." Get the frill out of your bill! Canadian shoppers are smart and use their wallets wisely when it comes to grocery purchases. A national survey...
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