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2018-06-18 Today's corporate culture makes more Canadians eat alone, leading to feelings of isolation and unhappiness
Did you eat alone today? If so, you weren't alone. More and more Canadians reportedly eat in solitude, which according to a recent study from Oxford Economics* is more strongly associated with unhappiness than any single factor other than having a mental illness.  In an effort to break the cycle of solitude, the President's Choice® (PC®) team is challenging Canadians to get back to the table, share a meal and #eattogether. In this year's Eat Together film, viewed 25 million times and discussed widely online, the PC®  team takes aim at the workplace, where eating alone has become part of the culture and daily routine – with six out of 10 Canadians calling it a "new societal norm." According to a recent survey commissioned by President's Choice**, two-thirds of us most often eat lunch alone, nearly half do so every day. "Spending time together over food has the power to bring families closer, to connect colleagues, and to bring together diverse communities," said Galen G. Weston,...
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2018-06-02 Public Safety Notice: Loblaw recalling select No Name® Chicken Burgers
Out of an abundance of caution, Loblaw Companies Limited is recalling select packages of No Name® Chicken Burgers with the best before code "2019 FE 06" or inner bag code "0378M" and UPC 060383166366 sold before June 2, 2018 since they may pose a risk to consumers if improperly prepared. Improper handling and preparation of these and any other raw chicken products could expose consumers to salmonella. According to Health Canada, the risk of contracting salmonella can be avoided if safe food handling, preparation and cooking practices are followed. All consumers are advised to properly follow cooking instructions on food packaging and cook frozen raw, breaded chicken products to a safe internal temperature of at least 74°C (165°F). The products were sold at the following locations: Ontario: Fortinos®, Loblaws®, No Frills®, Real Canadian Superstore®, valu-mart®, Independent®, Zehrs®, Wholesale Club®, City Market®, and affiliated independent stores Atlantic: Atlantic Superstore®,...
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2018-05-04 Loblaw Companies Limited Announces Election of Directors
Loblaw Companies Limited ( Loblaw ) (TSX: L) today announced that all of the nominee directors listed in the management proxy circular dated March 29, 2018 , were elected as directors of Loblaw . The vote was conducted at the Company's Annual and Special Meeting of Shareholders, which took place on May 3, 2018 in Toronto . The results of the vote are set out below: Name of Nominee Votes For Votes Withheld Paul M. Beeston 331,218,226 99.16% 2,793,224 0.84% Scott B. Bonham 332,696,847 99.61% 1,314,521 0.39% Warren Bryant 331,307,192 99.19% 2,704,259 0.81% Christie J.B. Clark 332,301,940 99.49% 1,709,511 0.51% William A. Downe 333,928,371 99.98% 83,103 0.02% M. Marianne Harris 333,935,987 99.98% 75,487 0.02% Claudia Kotchka 332,685,744 99.60% 1,325,730 0.40% Nancy H.O. Lockhart 330,692,328 99.01% 3,319,146 0.99% Thomas C. O'Neill 329,297,835 98.59% 4,713,639 1.41% Beth Pritchard 332,661,273 99.60% 1,350,200 0.40% Sarah Raiss 332,552,744 99.56% 1,458,730 0.44% Galen G. Weston 326,680,339...
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2018-05-02 Loblaw Reports 2018 First Quarter Results and a 9.3% Increase to Quarterly Common Share Dividend; Announces National Roll-Out of E-commerce
  Loblaw Companies Limited (TSX: L) ("Loblaw" or the "Company") today announced its unaudited financial results for the first quarter ended March 24, 2018. The Company's 2018 First Quarter Report to Shareholders will be available in the Investors section of the Company's website at and will be filed with SEDAR and available at . "In the face of external headwinds, we delivered solid results, increased dividends, continued share buybacks, and invested in our digital future," said Galen G. Weston, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Loblaw Companies Limited. "As the retail landscape changes, we are now rapidly scaling our e-commerce pick-up and home delivery services to blanket Canada this year." In 2018, the Company plans a national roll-out of its on-line grocery business, including the rapid expansion of PC Express pick-up sites and the complementary option of home delivery. PC Express will be introduced to 500 new pick-up sites, bringing the total to...
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