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2019-01-15 Loblaw Announces Expanded Responsibilities for Company President, Sarah Davis
Today, Loblaw Companies Limited (TSX:L, "Loblaw") announced that Sarah Davis will assume expanded responsibilities in her role as President. In addition to day-to-day oversight of Loblaw's business performance, she adds full responsibility for the company's 13-member Management Board, and expands her direct-reporting lines with the addition of Finance and Human Resources. Davis continues to report to Galen G. Weston, who becomes Executive Chairman, Loblaw Companies Limited. Loblaw's executive leadership is otherwise unchanged as a result of this announcement. In her 12 years at Loblaw, Davis has served as Chief Financial Officer, Chief Administrative Officer, and the executive lead of most business and operational functions. She has been President since January 2017. "Sarah and I have worked closely for over a decade, and she has played an important role in many of Loblaw's most defining moments: the formation of Choice Properties, the acquisition of Shoppers Drug Mart, the creation...
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2019-01-02 Canadians are spending more time with the company of a screen than with friends and family sharing a meal
 As Canadians finalize their New Year's resolutions, President's Choice® is calling for 'eating together' to be added to their lists. With the PC Eat Together™ movement, the brand continues its journey to inspire more Canadians to get back to the table, demonstrating the social power of sharing a meal. According to a national survey conducted by President's Choice® (PC®) *, 92 percent of Canadians want to spend more time enjoying a meal with loved ones. However, many are guilty of prioritizing screen time and viewing the incredible moments of others over the incredible moments in front them: almost 1 in 3 Canadians (29 percent) admit to spending more than four hours of their free time engaging with screens each day; while 43 percent say they spend less than one hour each day enjoying a meal with friends and family. "The act of eating together is very simple, yet the positive impacts are significant," says Uwe Stueckmann, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Loblaw Companies Limited....
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2018-12-28 Loblaw Companies Limited Enters into Automatic Share Purchase Plan
– Loblaw Companies Limited ("Loblaw") announced today that it has entered into an automatic share purchase plan ("ASPP") with a broker in order to facilitate repurchases of Loblaw's common shares ("Common Shares") under its previously announced normal course issuer bid ("NCIB"). Loblaw previously announced that it had received approval from the Toronto Stock Exchange ("TSX") to, during the 12-month period commencing May 1, 2018 and terminating April 30, 2019, purchase up to 18,952,573 Common Shares, representing approximately 5% of the issued and outstanding Common Shares as of April 17, 2018, by way of a NCIB on the TSX or through alternative trading systems or by such other means as may be permitted by the TSX or under applicable law. Under Loblaw's ASPP, Loblaw's broker may purchase Common Shares at times when Loblaw ordinarily would not be active in the market due to insider trading rules and its own internal trading blackout periods. Purchases will be made by Loblaw's broker...
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2018-12-20 Loblaw recalling Life at Home® 50 Count Indoor Icicle Microdot Lights
Out of an abundance of caution, Loblaw Companies Limited is voluntarily recalling Life at Home® Indoor 50 Count Icicle Microdot lights with the UPC 058703561861 and model number RKPO-UL05010001P44-1 due to a potential manufacturing defect. No injuries have been reported and no other lights are affected. 847 units of the product were sold between September 1 and December 20, 2018 at the following locations: Ontario: Fortinos®, Loblaws®, No Frills®, Real Canadian Superstore®, Valu-Mart®, Your Independent Grocer® and Zehrs® Atlantic : Dominion® and Atlantic Superstore® Québec: Maxi®, Maxi & Cie®, Provigo® and Provigo le Marché® West : Extra Foods®, Real Canadian Superstore®, Real Canadian Wholesale Club®, Your Independent Grocer® and No Frills® See attached photo. All affected products have been removed from store shelves. Customers can return the product to the place of purchase and the customer service desk will provide a full refund, with or without a receipt. We sincerely...
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