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2019-06-14 Eat Together Day aims to connect Canadians through sharing a meal
Despite being digitally more connected than ever, Canada remains a nation of isolation and loneliness.  Part of the problem is that the majority of Canadians still eat most of their meals alone.  In an effort to help combat this , the President's Choice® (PC) team is on a mission to bring Canadians back to the table to eat together. "Eating alone has been proven to be a key contributor to unhappiness and loneliness*," says Uwe Stueckmann, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Loblaw Companies Limited. "We know that we're better when we Eat Together.  There are so many social, physical and mental benefits associated with the simple act of sharing a meal.  So let's spend more time with the people we love, at the table." The PC® Eat Together movement, which kicked off earlier this year, has inspired hundreds of thousands of Canadians to pledge to share mealtimes with family and friends.  Loblaw Companies Limited donated $1.00 for the first 250,000 pledges to President's Choice Children's...
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2019-06-12 Loblaw Introduces National Program to Save Customers Money While Reducing Store-Generated Food Waste
Loblaw Companies Limited (TSX: L, "Loblaw") is furthering its commitment to reduce store-generated food waste by partnering with Flashfood to make their app available to Canadians across the country. With the Flashfood app, customers can purchase food items nearing expiration at a reduced price of up to 50 per cent off at select Loblaw grocery stores. Currently available at 139 Maxi® and Provigo® stores in Quebec, Loblaw is rolling out the program to more stores and more provinces. Starting today, the program is available at all Real Canadian Superstore locations in Ontario. By the end of the summer, Loblaw will introduce the app to customers at more than 250 stores, including Real Canadian Superstore® locations in Western Canada, Loblaws® and Zehrs® stores in Ontario, and all Atlantic Superstore® locations. Please check individual store Facebook pages for specific program launch dates. "As a food retailer, we are in the business of providing food - not wasting it," says Gord Chem,...
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2019-05-15 Shop where you stop: PC Express grocery pick-up now available at select TTC subway stations
Loblaw Companies Ltd (TSX: L, "Loblaw") has opened PC Express pick-up services at three Toronto subway stations in a pilot with the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC). The service will allow commuters to pre-order groceries online for pick up on their way home that evening. " PC Express will make Toronto commuters' lives a little bit easier by putting their groceries right on their transit route home," said Herman Paek, Senior Vice President, Loblaw Digital. "As we cover the GTA with easy grocery pick-up and delivery options, we're helping our customers live their lives uninterrupted, spending more time doing the things they love." Today, customers can place an online web ( or app order and choose one of three PC Express pickup locations within the TTC network: Finch, High Park and Islington stations. Orders placed by 11:00am will be available for pick up between 4:00pm and 7:00pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for commuters.  Residents near the High Park station can also...
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2019-05-13 Haul or Nothing: No Frills® Gets Animated with Video Game Launch Hauler Aisles of Glory™
No Frills is helping Canadians get their virtual shopping carts ready for the ultimate hauler experience with earning PC Optimum points in real life with the release of Hauler Aisles of Glory ™, a retro 8-bit 2D animation video game. A web-based game, played in-browser on mobile, tablet and desktop, Hauler Aisles of Glory is a key part of the new No Frills marketing campaign that launched on May 6 th . "Every major sport has a video game franchise, so why should hauling be any different?" says Uwe Stueckmann, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Loblaw Companies. "The best haulers aren't born - they're made. This game is designed to let them practice before they head to No Frills for an epic haul." Based on the in-store shopping experience, Haulers will train for their next shopping trip by running through an 8-bit animated No Frills , collecting points for hauling groceries and avoiding unnecessary frills and obstacles not commonly found at grocery stores like diamonds, limousines, and...
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